The outstanding reputation of South Moravia is spread also thanks to wine. No wonder, as vine has been grown here since the time of the Romans and the two-thousand year long history can be seen everywhere you go.

Congress tourism does not need to be enriched only by a visit to a wine cellar with dulcimer music and culinary specialities, but also by a stroll through a preservation zone of wine cellars in Petrov, tour to the wine-making expositions in Hustopeče, Mikulov and Znojmo, and in the autumn a visit to the traditional vintage festival.

You can uncover the secret of wine-making thanks to the Wine-growers Tourist Programme of Znovín Znojmo, during the visit to the Templar’s Cellars Čejkovice and the Wine cellars Lechovice, or the National Wine Salon in Valtice.


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